The problem with a lot of new TVs, especially the really thin ones is that they have terrible speakers a lot of the time, one way to sort that out is by getting a soundbar to go with your new TV, allowing you to extend the sound to be both louder and more filling.

If you are looking to do that then you have a few options to choose from, but we have one for you today that you might like to consider. From Edifier, the CineSound B3 soundbar is an all-in-one sound solution that allows you to add room-filling sound to your current TV setup via a set of four speaker units and two tweeters.

The soundbar can also be connected to a variety of devices such as your TV, games console or Blu-Ray player through an optical input, coaxial input, RCA Line-In or Aux. If you would prefer to go wireless you are also able to do that, as this soundbar has Bluetooth inbuilt, making it great for playing content from a smartphone or another portable device.


Not only will the CineSound B3 work with most of your devices, it is also able to fit into a variety of spaces too, with included wall-mount accessories and a solid base, Edifier makes it really easy for you to either just place the bar next to your TV, or on your wall, without the need of going out to get extra accessories.

It’s also quite light, and just a metre wide, so it’s quite a bit smaller than a few other soundbars on the market.

To top that off, the B3 also has a handy standby function, which will shut the speaker down if it hasn’t been used for ten minutes, saving power and extending the life of the unit.

B3_web_04_8689081e-4eca-408a-accb-d68b5ccfeaeaDuring our tests, we used the B3 soundbar with its optical and 3.5mm ports, as well as via Bluetooth. When streaming music or video content like Netflix, the sound was just as great as when it was plugged in via a cable, and just as lagless.

That makes the B3 awesome for just sitting on the couch and watching the latest episode of House of Cards, but also as your main system for parties, or just general music listening.

And because the soundbar has multiple ports, you can use it with pretty much your whole TV setup, and keep them connected permanently, and no matter what is connected, you always get a great experience.

The sound reproduction is complex, clear and powerful, with rich, deep and clear vocals that don’t overtake the other sounds, but those other sounds are still as rich and strong as you would expect, with an exceptional bass response.

This is great because it adds all of this without taking up too much space.

To sum things up, we think the Edifier B3 Soundbar is an awesome addition to any TV setup, it won’t offer as much as you would get from a full 5.1 or 7.1 system, however, it will provide a huge sound increase to any TV, especially now that TVs are getting thinner with crappy speakers.

But if you do want something that is more expandable, then you will probably want an entire system, obviously, that would be somewhat more expensive, though.

It is available now from Edifier’s website for around £150.

Disclosure: Edifier sent us a review unit for the purposes of this review, it was returned upon conclusion.

Edifier CineSound B3 Soundbar review
4.5A awesome soundbar, but not a complete solution.
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