We have reviewed a number of Edifier speakers over the last few weeks, and today we are going to review yet another one, called the Edifier Prisma Encore, it is a 2.1 channel Bluetooth speaker that features a great sound, but at an affordable price.

Probably the most exciting thing about the Prisma Encore is its design, which is both extremely futuristic, and almost spaceship-like.

The downwards firing 5-inch driver is the centre point of this, featuring a sleek and glossy pyramid design that looks like something that is straight out of War of the Worlds or Star Wars.

But it doesn’t just look cool, it also does its job as a subwoofer extremely well, to a point where it will easily shake your entire room, however, sometimes it can be a little too bass heavy, and without any controls on the speaker itself, there’s no way to properly adjust this, unless you do so through the device that you are playing the music from.

Edifier Prisma Encore Review 3

Once you have tweaked the bass, the Prisma Encore can provide a nice and well-rounded sound from both the subwoofer and satellite speakers, which plug directly into the back of the subwoofer.

In our testing, we found that the combination of these provided a sound that was rich, full, clean, crisp and sharp, all things that you want out of a set of speakers.

Edifier Prisma Encore Review 2

Sadly, there’s no optical audio input, which means it might not be the perfect solution for your home audio set-up, however, the speaker does have a great price point, and there’s no noticeable drop in signal degradation, so the lack of optical audio may not bother many people.

That said, the Encore does have a 3.5mm jack input, and Bluetooth compatibility, which means that it works great to play audio from pretty much any device, without the need for wires, or with wires if your device doesn’t support Bluetooth.

Edifier Prisma Encore Review 4

All of this is finished off by a great looking wireless remote, which certainly sets the speaker out from the rest of the other options out there, forgetting about the standard rectangle remote, and blowing it out of the water with a remote that not only follows the design language of the speaker system, but also offers something that’s extremely cool.

That said, it would be nice to see more controls on this remote, even if it means making it wired, especially if that brings bass and treble controls.

When you can’t find your remote, there’s also button on top of the subwoofer that can be used to turn the speaker on and off. Next to this button there are also three touchscreen buttons for controlling the volume and switching to Bluetooth.

Edifier Prisma Encore Review 1

For its price, the Edifier Prisma Encore is a fantastically brilliant 2.1 Bluetooth speaker, providing sound and a design that is unlike any other speaker.

If you want something that will amaze others with its looks, but still provide the kind of quality of sound that you would expect then you won’t go too wrong with the Encore, sadly it would have been nice if the bass levels were slightly lower, or if it just had bass controls for it.

You can find out more about the Edifier Prisma Encore on Edifier’s website, it is priced at around £130.

Disclosure: Edifier sent us a sample for the purposes of this review.

Edifier Prisma Encore 2.1 Bluetooth speaker review
4.3A speaker that looks great and sounds great, but sadly it doesn't have bass controls
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