If you are looking for a set of speakers that are both compatible with a range of audio options, and can fit neatly on your bookshelf, then the Edifier R1900BT Bluetooth speakers might be for you.

Both of the speakers are are quite large in size (measuring 254cm x 154cm x 214cm), however, so they are not going to fit on all kinds of bookshelves. They are also somewhat heavy, weighing 6.6 kilograms, so moving them might be a problem, however, these are meant to stay in the same place, and because of the Bluetooth capabilities, you don’t really have to manage the wires to play your audio.

That said, the speakers do have both an AUX in and a PC in input, so you can plug in something that’s more permanent.

Edifier R1800BT review 2

Edifier R1800BT review 7Around the back, you will also find a set of three knobs, one for the treble, one for the bass and one for the overall volume.

I really enjoyed using these knobs, they are very tactile and responsive, providing a decent amount of feedback to allow you to know where the amount has been set.

Whilst you are looking at the back of the speakers, you will also find the input that you can use the connect the left and right speakers together, this cable is rather thick, but because it is just one simple input, it makes it really easy to just plug in the cable and play.

There’s also an on/ off switch at the bottom.

Edifier R1800BT review 1

One of the biggest problems with the speakers that I found, is that they don’t have a button to put them on standby, so the only way to turn them off is to use that on/ off switch at the bottom of the back of the speaker.

This does mean that it can be difficult to turn the speakers on or off, and when doing so you might accidently adjust your treble/ bass/ volume, which could be annoying if you were working to find that sweet spot. Although they do include a remote control which allows you to mute the speakers, change the volume and switch from Bluetooth to Line-in audio.

Edifier R1800BT review 9In terms of sound, the Edifier R1800U has a 4-inch bass driver and a flared bass reflex port, which means the pair do pump out large amounts of bass, but don’t distort audio too much, that said, thanks to the knobs around the back, you are able to change the sound as according to your taste, making them great for music listening and movie watching equally.

This also equates to a total sound output of 66 watts, with a 30 – 20,000kHz frequency threshold.

During my own tests, I found that the speakers were great, they only cost around £120, but still provide great amounts of sound, and because of the Bluetooth capabilities, they are pretty awesome for easily pumping out some music from your smartphone or other Bluetooth capable devices.

And when you want to watch a movie, or link up the sound from your PC, you can simply switch to the line-in input.

If you are looking for a simple audio solution, then the Edifier R1800BT is a fantastic option, however, they probably won’t suit everyone, so if you are a bit of an audiophile then you might want to look elsewhere.

That said, anything that has more quality will definitely cost you a lot more, the R1800BT is probably one of the best speakers for its price range.

Disclosure: Edifier sent us a sample of the R1800BT for the purposes of this review.
A great sounding speaker, with great connectivity
3.8But a little on the large size
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