EE announced that they would be recalling a certain model type of their EE Power Bar chargers back in August of this year, but now it seems that none of the models were safe after all.

This comes after the company announced today that they are recalling all of their EE Power Bar devices due to potential risk of them catching fire.

EE explained in the following statement:

We’re recalling all EE Power Bars. This is just a precaution, but we want to make sure all our customers are safe.

If you have a Power Bar, you should stop using it straight away and hand it in to one of our stores.

EE say that this is due to a number of incidents where their Power Bars have overheated, which in turn could cause a fire safety risk.

Anyone who wants to return their EE Power Bar can do so by bringing it into any EE store, upon receipt EE will give the customer a £20 voucher, however EE have not talked about any replacement devices just yet, stating that they are “fully focused on the recall and we will make further announcements soon”.

You can find out more details about the recall at the source link below.

Source EE

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