EE have today announced that EE4G customers with an iPhone 5 can now access the visual voicemail feature on their devices, allow the users to browse a list of messages left for you instead of calling a number and having them listed to you separately , these can be listened to in any given order and can even be played and paused, users can also use the scrubber bar to fast forward and rewind voicemails.

EE will only be one of two networks in the UK, with O2 alongside them after supporting the feature since Apple first launched the original iPhone several years ago.

This service will be free of charge using UK data, however you will not be able to access them if you are abroad and don’t subscribe to the data roaming plan, in order to get the service all you have to do is text “iPhone Visual” to 150, after which the service will be activated for you within 24 hours.

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Source: EE

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