Today EE announced a huge change to one of their biggest promotions.

They will not extend their 6-month Apple Music streaming trial to new and existing customers on all EE pay monthly handset and SIM-only plans, but they will also be cutting off the data fee, meaning that streaming or downloading music from Apple Music will no longer count towards their monthly data allowance.

Well, that is as soon as the extension goes live on July 19th.

Interestingly, any EE customer who has previously taken EE on with their Apple Music offer will be able to redeem six months of free streaming data, which doesn’t mean that you will still get free access, however, it does mean that if you became a paid subscriber after the trial or if you are still in the trial, you also won’t have to pay for data.

It’s a pretty interesting move that seems to be expanding across the networks around the world and in the UK.

But does this mean that EE is breaking Net Neutrality rules? Some may think so and with the recent attack on Net Neutrality, some may find this as a poor move, while most will probably just be happy with their free Apple Music access.

Let us know what you think.

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