Just last night we revealed the technology that EE will be using to transmit WiFi across the Glastonbury Festival. That wasn’t all of the technology EE had to show off this year, unveiling that they have also filmed the festival in virtual reality, allowing anyone to take a tour of Worthy Farm, without having the attend the festival.

To do this, EE has films areas of the site with 360-degree cameras, along with some of the gigs from the event, allowing festival-goers to catch up at the EE tent with a Samsung Gear VR headset.

“We’re so excited to film the first ever virtual reality experience at Glastonbury, focusing on all the weird and wonderful things going on at Worthy Farm,” said Mat Sears, communications director at EE.

“Even if you’re attending, it’s impossible to see every inch of the UK’s biggest festival. We’re using cutting edge VR technology to ensure people can experience as much of this amazing place as possible.”

But those who are at the event aren’t the only ones who can get involved, EE will also be showing off the virtual reality footage at their flagship store in Westfield, White City London from Saturday 25th to Sunday 26th.

EE will also be setting up an EE Recharge Tent at Glastonbury, allowing festival goers to recharge their phones, and they will also be providing free WiFi access to anyone at the festival.

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