Recently EE announced that they would be giving their customers their own EE Power Bar for free, however there seems to be some problems with this bar as EE are now recalling some of the devices.

Some of the devices are being recalled due to the smartphone charger being potentially dangerous, because of this the company has decided to recall all devices with the batch number E1-06.

EE explains more:

We’ve identified a very small number of incidents where Power Bars have overheated, all of which relate to batch E1-06, and could pose a fire safety risk. EE Power Bars can be identified by a code found on the side of the device. For the recalled models this code will read ‘E1-06?
What should I do?

We’re requesting that customers stop using Power Bars from batch E1-06, and unplug them from handsets and the mains. They should return the Power Bar to a local EE store at their earliest convenience.

You can find out more about the product recall and if your device is affected at the source link below.

Source EE

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