Today EE announced the launch of their own router that has been designed for the Home.

It has been called the EE 4GEE Home Router and it is the network’s first own-branded Cat-7 enabled home Wi-Fi router, with the ability to provide 4G mobile broadband speeds to up to 32 devices.

They say that it can do all of this with download speeds of up to 90Mbps.

However, this speed is dependent on where you use the router and how the signal performs in that areas. EE does cover 150 towns and cities in the UK with 4G speeds, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue for those people who live in any of those, however, they have also designed it to be used in more rural areas.

It has been specifically designed for those people who can’t get access to faster broadband or don’t currently have access to fibre connections. One thing that this also allows for is portability, allowing you to take the router pretty much anywhere and use it as long as you have a power.

Move it from room to room, or take it with you when you move home.

You can pick up the EE 4GEE Home Router for free on one of EE’s 18-month plans, the price of which depends on how much data you need, they include the following plans:

  • 10GB/month for £25/month
  • 50GB/month for £50/month
  • 100GB/month for £75/month
  • 200GB/month for £100/month

You can also get it on a pay as you go plan for £130 one-off with 10GB of data preloaded.

You can add on to this they have both pay monthly and pay as you go plans.

Here are the pay monthly plans for the one-off fee version of the router:

  • 5GB/month for £10/month
  • 10GB/month for £15/month
  • 20GB/month for £20/month

And there is also some one-off pay as you go packages, here they are:

  • 5GB/month for £15/one-off
  • 10GB/month for £20/one-off
  • 20GB/month for £25/one-off

You can find out more about the new router at the source link below.

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