EE has today announced new details as to why it is considered to be the UK’s largest mobile operator, today announcing that the have added a massive 5.7 million customers on their 4G network in 2014.

EE said 1.7 million of those where acquired in the last two months of 2014 alone, which could be due to the recently released EE TV box, or just because of the Christmas period.

This now means that EE has a grand total of 7.7 million 4G customers.

A lot of reasons for this huge boost in customers is likely due to the companies recent advertisements, Ofcom ranking and even new product launches.

Once of those new product launches was the launch of pay as you go packs from just £1 for their 4GEE plan, they also allowed customers to convert from Orange or T-Mobile when they desired 4G which could have added to that number as well.

EE currently covers 80% of the UK population with 4G, with 350 cities and town added in total during 2014, the company plans to increase this to 90% during 2015.

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