Today EE announced a pretty cool feature that will come with iPhone 8s that are purchased from them.

This new feature is called ‘Enhanced HD Voice’ and will supposedly bring the “next generation of voice service” to EE’s iPhone 8 customers in the UK.

If the name itself doesn’t provide you with enough clues then the easy way to describe it would be to call it a more improved version of HD Voice, which provided enhanced phone conversations while you were on a 4G connection with a more natural sound.

It’s also pretty similar to Voice over LTE or VoLTE.

EE says that it will allow for the highest possible quality mobile calls with improved sound quality even above HD Voice.

For now, it will only work on the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, however, EE is planning to bring support for Enhanced HD Voice on the latest smartphones with both 4G and Wi-Fi Calling.

They said that this will be coming to more smartphones “in the coming months”.

The feature is also exclusive to EE for now, however, it is possible that other operators will bring support for their own customers in the future.

We will be sure to update you if and when they do.

You can read more about EE’s support for Enhanced HD Voice at the source link below.

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