The Telegraph published reports early today that in a report they seen from Trading Standards Officers, EE had been reported for advertising 4G access on their service within Plymouth, which as you may or may not know is not a 4G area.

The service had put up posters with the slogan “4G is here”, which according to the officer is of course “misleading”, especially when the nearest 4G connection is actually in Bristol, with the service only available in 11 cities so far this could quite possibly be a huge problem, however according to a spokesman for the company it was simply an error.

“The wrong poster was put up in one of our Plymouth stores. We have over 700 EE stores across the country and would like to stress this was an isolated error for which we apologise. The poster has since been removed.”

However he did admit shortly after that the company is in-fact running a national campaign for their 4G service across the UK, even though most of the cities advertised in do not have 4G access.

“We have launched a new brand, across the UK, as well as a new 4G service, which is rolling out to 98 per cent of the population by the end of 2014. For this reason it is important that we raise awareness of the new brand and network, through a national campaign across the UK, even in those areas that do not yet have 4G coverage. However, we won’t be advertising 4G overtly in those stores that are not in 4G covered cities.”

This is of course terribly misleading from the new 4G service, and is bound to cause some reprecautions for the company as a whole, if we do hear anything more on this we will let you know.

Source: The Telegraph

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