Today EE announced an update to their set-top-box product, EE TV.

With this update, EE is bringing Twitter integration  to EE TV, allowing the platform to show you social activity and suggest you television programs to watch.

This new feature has been named “Watch with Twitter” and it will show up to five of the top trending shows on Twitter in UK as highlighted items in the TV guide.

Dara Nasr, UK Managing Director, Twitter, said the following about it:

“Great telly and Twitter have always gone hand-in-hand – people love talking about their favourite shows and our new partnership with EE makes it easier than ever to discover which programmes are creating the biggest conversations.”

EE hopes that this will allow you to keep up with the buzz around new shows and find great new stuff to watch.

Unfortunately, the new feature doesn’t actually show conversation from Twitter, you’ll still have to do that on your phone.

You can read more about the launch at the source link below.

Source: EE

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