Elder Scrolls Online will release for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in June, however before that happens Bethesda will be allowing gamers to check out the beta of the game on both consoles before its release.

This will be in the form of a limited beta, meaning that only those who are invited to play will be able to.

Those who are invited will receive an email with instructions on how to get started when the beta kicks off on Thursday April 23rd, last 4 days until Monday, April 27th at 10 AM EDT.

Bethesda also published an FAQ about the beta, in which the developer reveals that their will be no NDA for the beta, and that they encourage users to share screenshots and live gameplay video if they like.

However for that to happen you will need to install a massive game file, which is set to be sized at more than 65GB in total.

“The Elder Scrolls Online is an incredibly massive game, both in terms of sheer scope and the data required to bring you this truly enormous experience, at the moment, the client will exceed a 50 GB Blu-ray disc which means there will also be a large day-one patch that is somewhere in the region of 15 GB.”

It’s that a problem for you then feel free to get excited, here’s some new screenshots of the game on console that were released today to provide some hype.

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