Elgato has today announced a new product called the EyeTV Netstream 4Sat, the device has been designed to allow users to stream any free-to-air channel from their satellite connection to their phone or tablet, operating on a new system called Sat>IP the box will pass streams back to the TV through a low-cost adapter box, whilst streaming the content online.

The idea of the box is use satellite connections more effectively, allowing you to stream content to up to four users, each of which can watch completely different channels by using four LNB inputs from your dish, or just two LNB inputs if you only have two to send HD video around your home.

This is especially cool as it means you won’t need a coaxial cable trailing the length of your home just to get TV in your upstairs bathroom, or wherever else you may want to watch TV, streaming the content via powerline, ethernet or even a wireless connection.

To stream content you can use the firm’s application on your Android or iOS device, as well as on a PC or on a Mac, however the app will not support Nexus devices or a selection of Samsung phones at the time being, and to stream you will need a phone with a 1GHz dual-core processor minimum.

If you do have a compatible device, you can pick up the Elgato EyeTV Netstream 4Sat today for £260.

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