Before they made their extremely popular games recording device, you might be surprised to know that Elgato’s main product range came with a focus on watching live TV on the move, and today they are expanding that vision with the release of a new product called the EyeTV W, which is a compact TV hotspot designed to provide live TV signals for your iPad, iPhone or Android device on the go.

Only a tiny bit larger than a small box of matches, the EyeTV W is said to last 4 hours from a single charge, a features a Freeview/ DTT tuner and MCX connector to make sure you always get a decent signal, this is then sent to your device using a WiFi hotspot connection,meaning that you won’t need to use your data to watch TV again, and as a bit of a plus, the new EyeTV can also pause, fast-forward, rewind and record programmes.

Linking with a dedicated app from the App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Shop, the EyeTV W uses a 802.11b/g WiFi connection to stream content over a range of 10 meters, however this does mean the device will only support certain devices, the list of which is below.

Supported Devices: The EyeTV W App requires an iPad (iPad 2 or later), iPad mini, iPhone (iPhone 4 or later) or iPod touch (4th generation or later); with iOS 6.1.3 or later. On Android, EyeTV W requires Android 4.0.3 on an Amazon Kindle Fire (2. Generation), or Kindle Fire HD; Google Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, or Nexus 10; HTC One S, or One X; Samsung Galaxy Note, Note II, S II, S III, S III mini, S4, or Tab 2.

The EyeTV W will be available from Elgato, Amazon the Apple Store, and a few select retailers for £69.95, you can find out more about the device on Elgato’s website.

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