Some time ago, Elgato announced their first Eve-branded products that use HomeKit and Bluetooth connections to make your home smarter with various smart home functions.

Today Elgato added to that product line with the announcement of five new HomeKit-compatible products during IFA 2017.

These products include the Eve Thermo, Eve Lock, Eve Smoke, Eve Window Guard and Eve Aqua, which will provide smarter security, heating, home safety, and garden features for your home.

The Eve Thermo will be launched on September 26th for £59.95, however, we don’t know much about the other device release dates or pricing yet.

Here’s more about each of the new devices:

Eve Thermo

The Eve Thermo is a new intelligent radiator valve that comes with HomeKit compatibility that links thermostatic functions to your smartphone, without the need for a bridge or a hub. (Pictured above).

This radiator thermostat also features a white-translucent LCD display that has a capacitive touch control.

You can also control it via the Eve application of your iPhone, iPad or through Siri.

You can control temperature based on location, based on if people are actually in your home, or based on an action from another device, such as if a door or window sensor has been tripped.

Eve Lock

Elgato also announced that they are getting into the smart home market with the Eve Lock, which is an automatic locking system that secures bolts and latches when a door is shut.

You can also unlock it via a fingerprint sensor that is situated above the keyboard, or via the separate key fob.

You can also unlock it with Siri if you prefer, and there’s a keyboard on top of all of that.

To top that off, you can use smart control through HomeKit or through Eve, with controls that allow you to do things like unlocking a door for a visitor when you aren’t home, and you can monitor your home from that app.

All of this is controlled over Bluetooth and is powered via an internal battery.

Eve Smoke

Eve Smoke is another device that Elgato announced today.

It is a smart smoke detector that uses HomeKit to send you smart smoke notifications in the case of smoke or fire detections. It will provide you with notifications via the HomeKit app, but it also comes with the standard notification of a loud, pulsating tone.

It can also monitor various rooms in your home and show you the stats to those rooms via Siri, Apple Home or via the Eve app.

This all connects over Bluetooth and uses an internal battery that is said to last for up to 10 years.

Eve Window Guard

The Eve Window Guard is a window sensor that lives on a window and can detect when the number is opened, closed or tilted.

If it detects one of these actions, it will notify you over HomeKit.

It uses Bluetooth technology to do all of this and it features a design that allows it to slot inside of your window frame and remains out of sight.

Eve Aqua

The Eve Aqua is the final device that Elgato announced this week and is a smart home, battery-powered, and a Bluetooth-enabled controller for controlling water in your garden, such as setting sprinkler or hose usage with custom schedules or manually via the app or via Siri.

It can also track watering activity and more.

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