Elgato has today launched a new accessory for the iPhone called Smart Power, which is basically a smart external battery that can be linked with the Smart Power app to make sure your battery dies a lot less.

It does this by keeping track of your batteries charge and then reminding you when it needs to be recharged. It does this through a Bluetooth connection.

The Smart Power app will also track what’s going on with your battery, so if it sees that you have a busy day ahead of you, it will let you know that you should take your external battery with you.

In terms of the battery itself, it has 6000mAh worth of power, measuring 83 x 83 x 23mm and weighing 160 grams.

The battery also works via a USB cable, which means that it can charge pretty much any device, including the iPhone and the iPad, however for other devices like an Android smartphone or tablet the app is not available currently, so the extra features won’t be available also.

The Elgato Smart Power device is available from today, priced at £79.95.

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