Elgato unveiled a new internet of things product this week, called the Elgato Eve Energy, it has been designed to control a range of devices wirelessly.

It claims to be capable of controlling any mains-powered device and is that it is the world’s first HomeKit-enabled switch, using HomeKit to allow you to control mains-connected devices via your iPhone and Siri.

To set it up, you plug the Eve Energy into a wall socket and then plug the device that you want to control into Eve.

It will use Bluetooth to connect to your iOS device, and can even be used alongside an Apple TV 4th generation for hub capabilities.

It can also connect to the Home app on the iPhone to allow you to control devices individually, or as part of a group, with Siri capabilities that allow you to say commands to activate a scene or turn a device on/off.

It will also let you know how much energy the device that you have plugged in is using, with daily, weekly, or monthly graphs.

The Elgato Eve Energy is available now for £44.95.

You can find out more about it at the source link below.

Source: Elgato


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