Today a new update was released for Elite Dangerous that will soon allow players to cooperate with their friends in game further.

This will be launched with the roll out of the upcoming Elite Dangerous Multicrew update, which will bed rolled out soon and will enable up to 3 friends to co-pilot the same spacecraft.

It will come as part of the Elite Dangerous: The Commanders (2.3) update, which is expected to be released in a beta form on February 26th, 2017.

This new feature will also work with the VR functionality of the game and will allow you to assign your friends with different roles.

Here’s an explanation of the features in the Multicrew update:

– Players will work together to control the different functions of a ship. One player could fly the ship whilst others would handle the sub-systems and weapons. Or a Multicrew ship landing on a planet’s surface could have one player stay with the main vessel, another patrol in a ship-launched fighter, and another explore in their SRV.

Multicrew uses the Wing system and has four roles:

• Helm (piloting)
• Fire control (turrets/weapons + limpet control)
• Tactical (sensors, shields, countermeasures)
• Engineer (power distribution, repairs)

– Roles are balanced so that a fully-crewed ship is on par with four commanders in a Wing.
– The crew limit of four may be increased in a future Season. We don’t know how high we would go. Current instancing issues likely make more than 4 unfeasible for the immediate future.
– Enormous range of faces and features available using the Commander Creation “slider tool”. This option will be selected via the game’s interface. In combination with Multicrew players will at last be able to see each other, in game. Although dev-demo shows baldness, hair is confirmed.

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