It was quite some time ago that Elon Musk first thought about making tunnels when in LA traffic, back then, people including ourselves figured that he as simply joking back then, but it doesn’t seem as though that was true.

We now know that he was telling the truth when he was “actually going to do this” as not only have pictures leaked out showing The Boring Company’s new tunnel boring mach e, but Elon Musk today revealed the launch of a new website dedicated to this task.

The website doesn’t feature much, however, it does showcase a video that Musk shown during his TEDTalk this week.

In the video, we saw a video render that explains Musk’s plans, showing how cars of the future would make their way through an underground transit network where cars will travel on top of a sled shuttling vehicle that is capable of moving onto of the rails in the tunnels at around 130 mph.

To enter the tunnels, one would drive their vehicle onto one of these sleds, which will sit in their own parking spots on the current road network.

From there, the sled and the car will descend to the network below and both the car and the sled will then merge with the rest of the underground network, all controlled by computers to ensure maximum efficiency and no more traffic jams.

Check it out in the video below.

We don’t yet know how close to reality this is yet and Musk only said that he speeds about two to three percent of his time on The Boring Company, so it probably isn’t going to be anytime soon.

However, Musk’s plan is more likely to hand over these plans to another company that can give their full attention to it, as he did with Hyperloop.

Source: The Boring Company

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