Twitter just announced that they will be integrating new sharing features into allowing you to email a tweet to people directly.

The feature will be rolled out to everyone over the coming weeks and will simply allow you to email a selected Tweet to anyone you like, they don’t even need a Twitter.

Stefan Filip, an engineer in the Growth Team at Twitter said the following about the new feature:

“If you’re like me, you probably come across Tweets every day that you’d like to share. They might be funny or include a striking photo. They might be breaking news or feature old news. Of course, you can retweet any of these to your Twitter followers, but sometimes you want to share with another group, like your college roommates or your parents or a friend who isn’t yet on Twitter.”

Once the feature launches you will simply just click on the more icon next to where the reply and retweet buttons normally are and then select email, a pop-up box will then show allowing you to enter the email you want to send it to.

Until the feature launches however you will just have to wait to email your buddies your latest Tweets, but we’ll let you know if anything changes.

Via: TechCrunch

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