Generally, portable speakers feature the same boring design, the only ones that really look good, whilst sounding great are extremely expensive, EMIE hopes to change that with their EMIE Radio, which is a portable Bluetooth speaker that they say has been designed by someone named Maggie Chen (we suspect she isn’t the character from Orphan Black).

After the first look at the Radio, you can tell that EMIE focuses on the design of their products.

Featuring a cool vintage design that wraps a unique wooden frame around the plastic front and back, and is finished off with the metallic knob on the top of the speaker, it looks fantastic outside, or on the bedside table.

Emie Radio review 5

Around the side of the EMIE Radio, you will find a microUSB port for charging the EMIE radio, an AUX port for connecting a device that doesn’t have Bluetooth or one that does if you prefer, and a charging light indicator.

On the bottom, there’s also a good rubber grip that does its job perfectly, keeping the EMIE Radio right in the place that you want it to be, just by running your finger over it, you can tell it’s very grippy.

The speaker is also extremely portable, sized at 12 × 30 × 78.5mm and weighing only 160g, it can be slipped into your pocket and carried with you, without weighing your jeans down, or having to be forced into them.

Inside there is a 520mAh lithium-ion battery, which will last between 4-6 hours according to EMIE, and after testing it ourselves, we can definitely second that, we managed to get 5 hours easily out of the speaker often.

Emie Radio review 3

Emie Radio review 4There’s also a nice feature that will turn off the speaker after being left idle for 0.5h, which is great for those that just want to set the speaker down and forget about it.

When you do want to turn the speaker off, you just need to press the volume knob down for a few seconds, which is also how you turn it on.

This makes the speaker extremely simple to use, simply connect your device via Bluetooth or via the AUX port, and then you are ready to jam, from here you can turn the volume up or down by twisting that same knob either left or right.

Emie Radio review 2

That all said, the sound from the speaker is probably the biggest reason you are going to pick up (or not) this portable Bluetooth speaker.

And thankfully that sound is actually pretty decent for such a compact speaker.

It features a 1~1.5 inch 2W speaker, so it’s not the loudest out there, or even the best quality, however, for the price and the size, it’s definitely both loud enough and clear enough to make it a great option for anyone looking for simple and easy to carry around, without having to clear out their wallet.

I would definitely recommend this speaker for anyone with those requirements, however, if this is something that you plan to use often, or in a loud place, then you probably want something a little larger.

That said, those kind of speakers are going to be a lot less portable, and a lot more expensive. You can pick up the EMIE Radio for around just £20 on Amazon, and read more about it on EMIE’s website.

Disclosure: EMIE sent us this speaker for review purposes.

EMIE Radio portable Bluetooth speaker review
4.0A fantastic all-round speaker that's both portable and good looking
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