AMD Threadripper is pretty huge when compared to the current Intel and AMD chipsets.

It uses the new slide in TR4 socket from AMD, which doesn’t really support the current range of water coolers because they don’t provide full-coverage, even some of the ones that have already been revealed for the CPU.

That changes today as Enermax unveiled a brand new liquid cooler for the Treadripper CPU that has been designed for the TR4 socket and features a new pump design that provides a high flow rate of up to 450L/h, with high-pressure fans, 400mm weaved tubing, anti-vibration rubber pads and a water block that provides full coverage to the CPU, without the need for the adapter that Threadripper CPUs come with.

It will also come in 240mm radiator and 360mm radiator versions.

Both of these are reportedly capable of keeping a heavily overclocked threadripper system cool according to the company.

They explained more about the new cooler with the following:

“Liqtech TR4 liquid coolers can deliver extremely high TDP of 500W+; this cooling solution can easily handle a large amount of heat generated by the overclocked CPUs,”

“To maximize the cooling performance, Liqtech TR4 adopts the patented SCT design; the SCT can prevent the formation of the boundary layer and enhances the liquid flow inside the cold plate, which helps reduce the formation of hot spots.”


Enermax says its Liqtech TR4 coolers will be available later this month, however, they didn’t reveal the pricing for it.

You can check it out in the installation video below while you wait for that.

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