Highways England has today announced plans to create roads that are designed to wirelessly charge cars as they drive down them.

Designed to encourage the use of electric vehicles on England’s roads, it will be part of a huge construction project that will begin as early as 2016.

it will only be on non-public roads for the first part however, with an 18-month trail before the system is put in place on Motorways and A-roads in the UK.

South Korea are already doing something similar to this on one of their roads, with a 7.5 mile stretch that has a length of cables imbedded that create an electromagnetic field, the coils inside special buses then connect to these, converting the field to electricity.

The Netherlands also plans to install wireless charging roads that are paired with wind-powered location-activated lights.

The process of installing this kind of technology in England will take some time however, but as there are currently no cars that can recharge wirelessly as they drive, this isn’t too much of a problem just yet.

Qualcomm are looking into building the technology for cars however.

It’s all very exciting and should mean that you will be able to drive longer, at a smaller cost and in an economically friendly manner.

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