About five years ago Kickstarter was first formed and has now become one of the biggest ways for inventors to turn their basic ideas into an actual product by gaining the required funds to start-up those projects.

The only problem with the site is that it only helps them get the funds they need to build the product, and doesn’t actually provide any lasting support for these projects, but that’s where a new site called Erli Bird comes in.

Erli Bird is a soon to ‘Hatch’ site which aims to help startups across the world who can’t find the initial customers for the projects, by giving early adopters exclusive access to new gadgets, apps and websites before they are even launched, giving startups a way to learn what their customers actually want from their products, as well as who they should be targeting when they do release their new idea.

But what is an Early Adopter, well the site has its own explanation which I found to work well:

early adopter (ear·ly a·dopt·er)
1. A person who embraces new technology.
2. A trend-setter.

And I’m guessing your one of those people who think there a trend-setter and embraces any and all new technology, if you are then you should defiantly head over to the Erli Bird site to apply to become an Early Adopter now.

The best part of the app that we just found out, it has just been launched, so head on over to erlibird.com to get your early adopter access, also check out this video for more information:

Let us know in the comments below what you think about Erli Bird, and don’t forget to follow @erlibirdapp for more info as it happens.

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