Alongside the announcement of the new Essential Phone, Andy Rubin’s Essential company announced their brand new home assistant, simply called Essential Home, it has been designed to take on the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home.

However, instead of simply being a home assistant, Essential has built it with privacy in mind.

They explained more about that with the following:

Your home is your private space and we want to make sure that your privacy is taken seriously. We designed Essential Home to directly talk to your devices over your in-home network as much as possible in order to limit sending data to the cloud. Essential Home’s proactive assistant also runs its AI engine locally on the device. We will continue to work on innovative ways to make the device smarter without compromising privacy.

Sadly we don’t have more details about the assistant yet, however, The Verge does have some information, which you can find at the sourcde link below.

Sources: Essential, The Verge

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