A new charity/ mobile phone operator named The People’s Operator was launched by its CEO, Alan Franks a couple of days ago, but that isn’t the interesting part it’s actually the networks USP that interests me.

This is because The People’s Operator will be giving 25% of its profits to causes through what they are calling the TPO Foundation, anyone within each will be able to call and text anyone else also within the network for free.

Alongside which TPO will also give users to option to give 10% of their monthly spend on calls, texts or data to a cause of their choice.

At the moment TPO is only a Pay As You Go network, but they have said that they will be launching new monthly and SIM-only deals at the start of next year.

You can find out more by watching the video below, or by clicking the link further below that.

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Source: The People’s Operator

[spoiler show=”Show Press Release”]The People’s Operator
“Mobile That Matters”
A New Breed of Mobile Operator Arrives in the UK

Launch of The People’s Operator (TPO); a mobile phone operator that offers great mobile deals and lets customers support their favourite causes

London, UK – 19th November 2012: Launched today, The People’s Operator (TPO) is a new UK mobile operator that combines great mobile deals, coverage and customer service with the ability to support charities, community groups and other good causes throughout the UK.
TPO matters because:

  • Customers get a great mobile deal including free calls and texts to anyone on the TPO network.
  • 25% of TPO’s profits go to great causes.


Customers can direct TPO to give 10% of their call, text and data spend to a charity, community group or other good cause of their choice.


Organisations can receive 10% of call, text and data spend in respect of any customers that they sign up to TPO.

  • TPO really cares about its customers and their causes.

TPO is the UK’s first commercial utility where 25% of profits go to great causes along with 10% of every customer’s call, text and data spend.
TPO offers corporates a unique opportunity to fulfil their CSR commitments. Simply by switching to TPO, 10% of all call, text and data spend will get directed to their nominated cause.
TPO customers will be given the opportunity to receive updates via their mobile on how their money is being spent by the good causes that they have chosen to support.
TPO is a UK based company whose management and customer service teams are all based in London.
Charities, community groups and other good causes will receive grants from the TPO Foundation, an independent charity whose donations will have the ultimate effect of strengthening society and supporting local communities.

The three founding trustees of the Foundation are Sir Christopher Kelly who is currently the Chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life and Chair of the King’s Fund; Kevin Curley CBE the former Chief Executive of NAVCA (National Association for Voluntary and Community Action), trustee of CFG (Charity Finance Group) and a member of the advisory council of the NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations); and Andrew Rosenfeld former Chair of the NSPCC FULL STOP Campaign. Sir Christopher will be the Chair of trustees.

TPO is working with a range of different good causes including charities and community projects throughout the UK such as the NSPCC, the Trussell Trust, ChildLine, Islington Giving, Regenerate, and Claxton House. TPO anticipates a significant uptake in demand over the coming months from similar organisations throughout Britain and further announcements will be made in due course.

Andrew Rosenfeld, Chair and Co-founder of TPO said:
“The People’s Operator represents a fundamental shift in the way commercial utilities support communities and causes. The more profit that is generated, the more we can pass on to deserving parts of society.”
Mark Epstein, Vice-Chair and Co-founder of TPO said:
“TPO offers customers the opportunity to benefit from a great mobile deal while supporting their favourite causes, simply by using their mobiles as they do every day and not giving anything more from their own pocket.”


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