This is something that should have happened sometime ago, but thankfully it finally has. Apple is now allowing its customers who reside in Europe to return songs, movies, apps and other digital media products that have been purchased through iTunes and the App Store and get a refund under one condition, they have not had the app for longer than 14 days.

Before this once a user’s password was entered into one of Apple’s app stores for a purchase, that purchase was final, with this new change users can get a refund even if they entered their password, approved the purchase or even downloaded the content, meaning that any EU member can get a refund on any item from the iTunes or App Store so long as they do so within two weeks.

The change is something that was done quietly and was only noticed in a policy change within the UK, France, Germany and various other countries earlier today. It is not out of Apple’s kindnesst however and has actually been done in order to keep Apple in line with the EU’s new directive which requires all online purchases to have a minimum return period of 14 days.

In order to cancel an order, the user should use the Report a Problem tool on the Apple website, or mail a cancellation form to the company, after receiving which the company states that they will refund your payment within 14 days.

It’s likely that this generosity won’t expand outside of the EU unless a law forces it, but if it does we will let you know.

Source: Apple

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