The President of the European Union’s executive body, Jean-Claude Juncker announced some new plans from the EU at his annual state of the union address.

One of the more interesting plans is that the European Commission wants free Wi-Fi to be provided in public spaces across all of its member states over the next four years.

On top of this, he also revealed plans to have at least one city in each EY member state to have deployed a 5G mobile network by 2020.

“Everyone benefiting from connectivity means that it should not matter where you live or how much you earn,” he said.

“So, we propose today to equip every European village and every city with free wireless internet access around the main centres of public life by 2020.”

To do this, the commission plans to spend a maximum of €120m to install the necessary equipment, as well as provide local bodies with coverage for subscription costs, maintenance costs, and other expenses.

But that probably isn’t enough to complete the full plans, as Mark Newman, the chief analyst at the telecoms consultancy ConnectivityX, said: “€120m doesn’t sound like a huge amount of investment.”

That said it is an interesting idea.

Of course, with Brexit, the UK would not be part of this plan, but that wouldn’t stop us doing similar, in fact, the UK already has many plans to build out a 5G network.

You can read more about the EU’s plans at the link below.

Via: BBC

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