Today the European Union (EU) unveiled their latest proposal and plans to enforce a new set of laws that will remove the geoblocking barriers of online subscription services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple Music, allowing users of those services to use their subscription abroad.

They are planning to put these new regulations into effect in early 2018, forcing online services to provide their customers with access to the service regardless of their current location, as long as that location is within the EU.

In theory, this would mean that you would be able to buy a Netflix subscription in your home country, such as the UK, Netflix would then have to provide you with the same subscription anywhere else in the EU, from Germany to Spain, providing you with the same access as you would normally receive in the UK.

With this new policy, customers will get a more flexible service, however, it would not mean that services like Netflix would have to offer the same library of content across the EU, just the content from the originated member country of the subscription.

Currently, this doesn’t happen. Netflix bans anyone from watching shows if they detect that you are viewing from a different country than the one that you set up the subscription in.

However, it’s not clear how this would work for the services exactly.

Brussels’ digital vice-president Andrus Ansip said the following about it:

“Today’s agreement will bring concrete benefits to Europeans. People who have subscribed to their favourite series, music and sports events at home will be able to enjoy them when they travel in Europe. This is a new important step in breaking down barriers in the Digital Single Market.”

As we hear more about this, we will be sure to update you.

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