If you are someone who isn’t about the wireless life, then you might be happy to know that Griffin has just launched a new wired keyboard for the iPad, something which they hope will help provide users with more productivity when using a keyboard to type, especially in environments like the classroom, where a lot of users might be using Bluetooth connections, thus making a Bluetooth keyboard hard to use.

The wired keyboard is now available for purchase in the US for $60, and will come in both 30-pin and Lightning versions, meaning it should work with both the older generation and the new generation of iPad tablets.

Griffin explains the keyboard in their statement with the following: “ If you’ve ever worked in a school testing environment or a government office, or if you’ve flown on a plane, you know there are times when you can’t use Bluetooth. That’s why Griffin introduces its Wired Keyboards for iOS devices.”

:Connect to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and suddenly that powerful full-featured computer in your hand gets the powerful full-featured keyboard your hands crave.”

“You get the full iOS key functions and tactile feedback. Its 1-meter cord is long enough to set up your workspace the way you want. And there are no batteries to replace.”

There’s no word yet on availability or pricing outside of the US.

For more information on Griffin’s new wired keyboard, head on over to their website here.

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