Evernote has today brought their well-known productivity software for the PC, Mac and tablet and smartphone devices to the business community, this will allow companies to work with their entire team on projects.

Evernote Business is practically the same service as the one we all know and love, but comes with new features and refinements made to make Evernote Business a great tool for both small and medium-sized companies.

The first of which is the Knowledge Collection which allows you to collaborate with your team within meeting notes, spreadsheets, task lists, web research, presentations and design mockups all of which can be stored within the increased storage space.

Evernote Business users can upgrade to Business Premium which will allow them to create 2GB of new data a month within their personal Notebooks, they can then provide their colleges with 2GB per business use for use within sharing between business users.

Business Notebooks will be the place to store everything within the entire company, and can be published to the Business Library and shared or modified by the businesses administrators.

Personal notebooks however will be kept completely private, users of which can transfer content between their Business and Personal notebooks when and where they like and if the user leave an organisation all of their Personal Notebooks will go with them, however their Business Notebooks will stay within that organisation.

The Business Library that we mentioned before is basically a collection the Business Notebooks you select to be shown within the library  these will be accessible within the entire organisation and can include anything you like, within which administrators have full control over the entire library.

But that’s not all, you can find out more about Evernote Business and its new features within it at the source link below.

Source: Evernote

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