Everything Everywhere has launched their new company, network and brand named EE, which will be switched on today and will launch in the coming weeks offering users with 4G LTE services and fibre broadband, the service will launch in 16 by Christmas which will cover over 20 million people, then the service will roll out nationwide through 2013, with 98% of the UK population covered by 2014.

The new EE band will launch alongside Everything Everywhere’s already established networks, Orange and T-Mobile, which will lead to provide services to more than 27 million people, the UKs biggest network.

The launch of the service in the coming weeks, will make EE the first in the UK to launch the 4G LTE standard, which is five times faster than 3G speeds of today. Alongside it their will be a fibre broadband service offered to home and businesses and will provide speeds typically 10 times faster than the current internet standard.

EE has also confirmed the launch of a set of 4G devices in the UK, click here to read more about that.

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