EVGA has this week announced the launch of a brand new 4K equipped gaming laptop.

Dubbed the EVGA SC17, the new laptop comes equipped with a nice 17.3 inch 4K UHD display that features a 3,820 x 2,160/60Hz pixel resolution. It is also powered by an Intel Core i7 6820HK processor that has been unlocked to provide 3,800MHz via overclocking.

To do this the laptop will ship with a BIOS, providing a simplier way to complete your overclock, and control the settings of the compute, you can even overclock on the fly.

On top of that, the laptop supports PrecisionX Mobile, allowing you to tweak overclock settings, hotkeys, profiles and CPU overclockings easily, and even change the backlighting and keyboard lighting of the laptop.

To top all of that off, it also features a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M 8GB GDDR5 GPU, with 32GB of G Skull DDDR4 RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD with a 1TB HDD, 1 HDMI port, 2 Mini DisplayPorts, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB Type C port, and integrated subwoofer and all at just 3.69kg.

You can read the full specs about the laptop at the source link below.

Source: EVGA

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