Today EVGA unveiled a new graphics card that you might be interested in, well as long as you have enough dosh lying around for it.

This is the GeForce GTX 1080 FTW2, which features some pretty cool tech to keep your rig, well… pretty cool.

This technology is EVGA’s iCX technology, which uses a total of nine thermal sensors embedded right on the printed circuit board or PCB to provide next-level cooling and control of that cooling.

There are a total of two fans on this card, one for the GPU on the left and another for the power/memory on the right. Both of these have sensors that can provide temperature readings that you can then be used to individually speed up or slow down either fan individually.

This iCX technology also comes with various fin holes to allow for direct airflow through the fins, which are half open to maximise the airflow and are shaped to form an L to increase surface contact. EVGA has also die-cast and form-fitted the baseplate and backplate for better heat dissipation.

But it’s not only new cards that are getting this tech.

EVGA is also bringing iCX to four of their GTX 1060 cards, three of the GTX 1070 cards, and three of their GTX 1080 cards, with more coming soon.

Before then, you can check out that iCX technology in the video below.

You can pick up these cards and find out more today from EVGA’s website.

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