This week EVGA announced the launch of yet another model of the GeForce 1080 Ti, which separates itself from the other cards that EVGA has unveiled previously.

Called the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Hybrid Gaming (or the 11G-P4-6598-KR), it changes things up from EVGA’s air cooled solutions, with an all-in-one liquid cooling solution.

This card also comes with EVGA’s own iCX technology, which means that it will come with a range of thermal sensors inside that have been designed to provide targeted cooling and allow you to monitor temperatures of the card.

For this new card in particular, it comes with nine sensors around the card, along with a number of MCUs (memory controller units) that have been embedded on the PCB.

It will also be compatible with EVHA’s Precision XOC utility that allows you to monitor all of these sensors in real-time.

In terms of specifications, EVGA has packed the SC2 Hybrid with overclocking right out of the box, fitting it out with a 1,556MHz base clock and a 1,670MHz boost clock.

This is up from Nvidia’s reference clocks of 1,480MHz for the base clock and 1,582MHz for the boost clock.

To top this off, the card also has 11GB of GDDR5X memory and LED lighting.

EVGA has also said that their hybrid cooling solution will offer lower GPU temps over the standard GTX 1080 Ti, with the SC2 Hybrid running at around 45C compared to the standard 80C.

The memory on the card is also cooled from around 85C to under 60C.

This new card is available directly from EVGA today for $810.

Source: EVGA

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