The avid Twitter leakster @evleaks has today announced via a Tweet that he will be retiring from the leaking game, news that may be good to the many companies who have been subject to his leaks over the last few years, but not so good to those who enjoy the content that comes from his leaks.

This news came without much expansion, simply Tweeting out the following to his followers:

The account is run by one Evan Blass, who has grown in popularity since opening the account, and from his work at the blogs Engadget and Pocket Now.

Over the last few year’s he has managed to leak various devices from HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Apple and many from Nokia, with one of his most known being the original leak of the Nokia Lumia and the Nokia X devices.

As of yet we don’t have the reason for why he is retiring, but if we find out anything we will let you know.

[Update] Evan has now given an interview to The Next Web explaining his reasoning, here’s some of it:

“These matters are always somewhat complicated, but like many things, it mostly comes down to money. Trying to monetize a stream of Twitter leaks is not easy. First I tried monthly sponsorships. Then weekly. Then single sponsored tweets. I took donations — felt like online panhandling.”

“I also started a website, and it’s actually done somewhat respectably, but with all the leaks going out on Twitter anyway, people have little incentive to visit, and most of my tech-savvy-heavy audience seem to be pretty heavy ad-block users, as well. It all adds up to an unsustainable living, and and with a progressively worsening disease [Ed; Blass was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis], I need to make sure I can prepare myself better for the future, financially.”

He then continued to answer the question of if there was a chance he would ever go back to leaking in the future:

“Almost certainly not. This is not a pack-your-bags-and-move-down-to-Florida retirement. I plan to start another career now, for reasons stated above. Hopefully one with some matching 401k action.”

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