Just last night the European Space Agency’s ExoMars probe phoned home, confirming its earlier launch as a success, and revealing that the mission is now on its way to the red planet.

Set to hunt for signs of life on Mars, ExoMars will be managed by the ESA and Roscosmos in the launch of a number of missions, in 2016 they are set to send out a Trace Gas Orbiter which will search for methane and other compounds of possible biological origin in Mars’ lower atmosphere.

They will be landing the ExoMars rover in 2018, but before that, this mission will also host the landing of the Schiaparelli lander to prepare for the rover launch, and test landing techniques.

It will take around seven months for the ExoMars mission to reach Mars, after which we will have to wait another year to actually get data from TGO, despite that it’s still exciting for any space fan.

You can read more about the launch at the source link below.

Source: ESA

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