Just about a month ago, ESA sent a couple of spacecrafts to Mars, an orbiter and a rover. The rover named Schiaparelli

The rover named Schiaparelli seemed to have crash-landed on the planet’s surface for a currently unknown reason, but the orbiter that was launched alongside it managed to get into Mars’ orbit just fine.

This week, ExoMars’ orbiter sent home the first images that is has taken with its Color and Stereo Surface Imaging System (CaSSIS), which snapped a few picks over the last few weeks to experiment with the camera.

They aren’t looking at anything in particular, however, they are a step towards the orbiter’s main goal of finding and capturing trace gases. It is the orbiter’s job to find these gases with its other instruments and then use the CaSSIS to find out where the source of these gases is.

The CaSSIS uses four different colour filters, with the ability to take stereo images that can be assembled by researchers to reconstruct captured areas in 3D, allowing Exomars to capture Mars’ slopes and mountains.

That all said, the ExoMars Orbiter still has some time till its main mission commences, which will kick off in 2018.

Before that time, you can check out the new images below, you can also find out more at the source link below them.

Source: ESA

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