This year Microsoft announced it would be their last year at the show, due to this we think they might want to go out with a bang, as such the biggest thing were betting on coming out of this years CES is definitely Windows 8.

Through their part of the show we are expecting some more versions of the operating system shown around, alongside some more details on what this OS can actually do, as up to now all we have seen is a developer preview of the system with no full beta as of yet.

From Intel we know there will be a showcase of their new shrunken Sandy Bridge processor, which they have called the Ivy Bride, we expect this new processor will be shown off in some new Ultrabook, which we are expecting to be huge at this show but more on that in a minute.

Alongside the Ivy Bridge, we also expect to see a lot of Intel new high-end chipset the Z77s alongside some other boards, in terms of graphics Nvidia is set to release their new 2mm graphics cards, alongside which we expect to see a lot of detail towards their new Tegra3 processor.

One of the biggest things we expect to see of CES 2012 is defiantly more Ultrabook laptops, which only recently have started to spring up, one of the devices we know will be shown is LG’s Z430s, alongside some other manufactures who are rumoured to launch some new Arm-based laptop designs.

Alongside some new Ultrabooks and WIndows 8, we also expect to see a lot more devices which use some of the new peripherals that have recently been designed, including USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt.

What do you think? What will come out of this years CES?

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