Every year CES always brings us new screens to sit in front of for the rest of the year, which is one thing that you can defiantly expect from CES 2012, some of the biggest names in tech will be there including Sony, Panasonic and Samsung.

And they are defiantly going to show us some exciting new things this year, the biggest brand to show off their TVs for the last couple of years had to have been Samsung who released some pretty amazingly designed TVs in last years show.

But this year I think LG might steal the show with their Nano and Plasma ranges, where they have packed a large size TV into a wafer thin frame, but TVs aren’t the only home entertainment product to look forward to, with LG showing off four separate home theatre systems alongside Samsung who are also showing their new 7.1 3D Blu-Ray system.

One of the biggest things to come out last year was certainly the new ranges of 3DTVs, which is also a likely topic for this years CES for which we are going to be looking for some new active 3D glasses which can be used for any 3DTV, (were fed up off buying them) alongside this were also expecting some glasses free 3D TV’s.

Another obvious one from last year Smart TVs, for which we are expecting to see a bit more expansion from what can be done to date, one of the biggest introductions we know will feature is LG’s introduction of a Smart TV with Google TV in-built.

Alongside 3D were are also expecting the introduction of 4KTV panels, which are to yet fully emerge within the TV market to date, but we are certainly expecting some of the big names to bring the technology into their new models.

One piece of TV technology we are still waiting for is of course OLED, which was one of the biggest things to come out of CES a couple of years ago, but as of yet not to many brands are actually making them, were expected a lot more OLED prototypes this year, and hopefully one that’s ready to launch.

One of the biggest features of any CES is the gaming stands, for which we know that Nintendo will be bringing their Wii U for people to have another go with, alongside some other rumours which suggest that Microsoft might show off its next generation Xbox 720 but personally I don’t think there is much chance of that happening.

What do you think? What will come out of CES this year?

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