Virtual Reality is growing, with a number of publications moving to the medium to produce more interactive content for their viewers/ readers. The latest publication to do this is Sports Illustrated who released their Swimsuit issue in virtual reality this week.

Sports Illustrated appTo be released today, it will be available alongside an iOS and Android companion app which comes with news, photography, video and virtual reality clips, allowing Cardboard-compatible headsets to access the interactive content.

And to help users gain access to this, they will be bundling Google Cardboard with around 500,000 special newsstand editions of the issue. You will also have to purchase some of the clips, but there will also be some available for free to subscribers or buyers of the edition.

Each of the videos will last a few minutes each and will allow for 360 degrees of different scenes such as “Beach Seduction” and “Say at the Spa”.

Sports illustrated have also stated that although this 2016 Swimsuit issue is the first issue to experiment with virtual reality, it will not be the last, with more content set to be released during the corse of the year.

According to the publication, the app will update for each year’s issue with more VR experiences on the way.

Via: EnGadget




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