LG announced that it is expanding its Music Flow multiroom speaker system range, adding new Blu-ray players and portable speaker options.

The addition of Blu-ray players mean that you can add CD support to your system, all you need to do is add the new BP550, BP450 or BP255 to your system, and you are ready to play CD format files and CD quality music with your system.

Alongside that all offer the Music Flow functionality to link with other speakers..

LG also announced a new Bluetooth speaker that they are naming the P5.

Dubbed as the more compact version of the P7, the P5 is a portable speaker that will be available in September 2015 in a number of colour options.

As of yet no pricing has been announced for the P5, however we know that the new Blu-ray players will start at around £70.

LG also announced that they will be bringing Google Cast functionality to the HS9, HS7, H7, H5, H3 and the H4 by the end of May.

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