The more we use technology, the more it affects our eyes.

As someone who uses a computer for most of the day, this can be a huge problem, especially after writing out a lengthy article, which can often lead to digital eyestrain and headaches.

A Kickstarter project was launched by a team in Brisbane, Australia to attempt to help solve this problem.

Called EXYRA, it is a set of glasses that they aim to be used in order to reduce the effects of eyestrain and headaches that you can get after using a computer or mobile device over a prolonged period of time.

They have already overachieved their goal of AU$ 7,000 but are still looking for backing on the platform.

If this is a problem that you face then you should definitely check out the project at the source link below, where they are offering pre-orders of EXYRA for from AUS$ 60.

Source: Kickstarter

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