Eye-Fi are a company that’s well known for getting images from your SD card to your computer without the use of wires, using Wi-Fi enabled cards, they created a system that allows you to simply transfer using a mutually connected Wi-Fi connection.

The company wants to make that process even easier however, announcing a new service called Eye-Fi Cloud, that allows users to store all of their photos to the cloud automatically, be it from a mobile phone or from a DSLR.

“Every device, every picture, every album and tag are available anytime. Eyefi Cloud works in the background keeping your entire collection in sync so you get more time to enjoy your photos. And because your pictures are on multiple devices, you’ll always have a back-up available.

Take pictures using any camera or smartphone you own, Eyefi Cloud will make them appear as one photo collection. Gone are days of manually merging together pictures from multiple devices. Eyefi Cloud does it for you automatically.”

The service will cost $49 in the US, but will allow for unlimited storage of your photos, so it might turn out a much better deal than services like Dropbox or Apple’s iCloud service.

However you might have to make up your own mind on that one, thankfully there’s more information at the link below.

Source: Eye-Fi

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