Today Facebook announced the launch of a new AI assistant for their Facebook Messenger app.

It’s called M and has been designed by Facebook to provide you with suggestions based on the conversation that you have with the assistant, using machine learning techniques to suggest actions that it thinks you should do to help manage conversations or to help you complete a task.

To use it, you would chat with a friend or a group in Facebook Messenger as normal but from today, M will make suggestions within these conversations as you make then. You can choose to ignore or dismiss any of the suggestions, or completely mute the assistant in the M settings.

Facebook has also said that M will learn from you, learning how it can better help you as you use it more.

M will be rolling out to users in the US first, but it is expected to launch across the globe soon. In the meantime, Facebook has added more features to the app, including a new composer for your messages and a “More” tab for access to other Messenger features like Games and Payments.

Facebook M is being rolled out the US users on iOS and Android from today, simply update the app and you are good to go.

Source: Facebook

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