During their annual conference F8, Facebook announced the launch of its new Facebook Messenger platform that will allow developers to build apps that can integrate directly into the Messenger application.

The company has already launched the new platform, and is now accepting app submissions from developers, in fact it has already worked with around 40 developers to bring some apps that are ready to go.

Here’s a statement from Facebook about the new platform:

Messenger Platform apps can display the option for a person to install the app from within Messenger, or to reply using content from the app. If the person receiving the message doesn’t already have an app installed, they can tap Install to be taken directly to the app store to get started using the app. This means people can discover apps recommended by their friends, naturally through their conversations.

With Messenger Platform, developers may also see increased app engagement: If the person receiving the message already has the app installed, they’ll be able to tap Reply on an image in a message. Then, instead of scrolling through pages of apps on their phone, they’ll be taken directly to the app to reengage and respond with relevant content.

You can find out more about Facebook’s new Messenger platform at the Facebook Developers website, which has been linked as the source for this article.

Source: Facebook

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