Recently Facebook launched a number of new tools in the US in the attempt to combat the slew of fake news being posted onto the social network daily.

This week, Facebook has announced that they will be expanding these same tools to Europe.

They revealed this news today, stating that they will be introducing the tools that have developed to stop fake news beginning with Germany, which will be the first country outside of the US to gain access to the tools.

This comes after Facebook first unveiled the tools back in December, which will allow users of the social network to report Fake News on the Facebook service.

The tools will also flag stories that Facebook sees as possibly fake.

They are a pretty good set of rules that should help users to combat the fake news problem, which has been misleading readers around the globe for some time now, particularly during the US elections.

We haven;y heard any news about a launch in other European countries, however, we will let you know when we do hear more.

Via: TechCrunch

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