Facebook has today announced the expansion of its “save for later” feature, which allows users to save articles, videos and more within the Facebook app.

It’s a feature that’s dug deep into the Facebook app, however, Facebook say that 250 million people use it every month, so those people will be happy to know that the service has announced its expansion at this year’s F8 developer conference, allowing publishers to add their own button to their articles.

When a user hits this button, they will save it to their Facebook queue, ready to ready later.

Facebook Save demo

Alongside this new expansion of Save for Later, Facebook also revealed a new quote sharing feature, which allows developers to enable native sharing of quotes from their app to Facebook.

This means that instead of copying and pasting text, you can simply highlight it and then share it directly to Facebook at a click of a button, Facebook will then share this quote into a new post with a preview of the URL.

It’s an interesting feature, but what will be really interesting, is seeing if publications and people actually use it.

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